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www.ericapublishing.com || Overview - Erica Publishing


Erica Publishing has been in the printing and publishing business in Hope, British Columbia, since 1992. We believe we are the printer of choice for whatever your needs.


Erica Publishing has earned customer loyalty by offering custom-made offset and digital printing, including convenient marketing support and design services, competitive pricing and direct access to upload your documents which all help your business flourish.

Putting ink on paper is what we do !


www.ericapublishing.com || About Our Products
www.ericapublishing.com || Overview - Products

We offer a wide range of paper products including:

bulletBusiness, Window, Invitation, Booklet and Catalogue ENVELOPES in various sizes
bulletA great selection of LABELS for various purposes
bulletWide range of bond and specialty PAPERS in many colours
bulletCustom-made CARBONLESS forms
bulletBOARD and CARDstock products

We can also provide you with specialty products such as:

bulletBUTTONS for special occasions
bulletCustom-made CALENDARS - for personal or corporate use
bulletNOTEPADS (like "Note from Hope")


www.ericapublishing.com || About Our Services
www.ericapublishing.com || Overview - Services

We offer a wide range of services such as:

bulletOffset and Digital printing
bulletFull service copying: Black/White and Colour
bulletLabels and Transparencies
bulletFaxing, scanning, e-mailing and more


www.ericapublishing.com || About Our Finishes
www.ericapublishing.com || Overview - Finishes

We offer a range of finishing services to give your projects that beautiful and professional finishing touch, including:

bulletBinding Finishes (comb, perfect, saddle-stitch, spiral)
bulletFolding and Scoring
bulletRounded Corners
bulletTab Insertion - Binders
bulletThree-Hole and Single-Hole Drill


www.ericapublishing.com || About Our Portfolio
www.ericapublishing.com || Overview - Portfolio

Our portfolio will provide you some samples of the work we do which includes:

bulletOperational: Business Cards
bulletOperational: Carbonless Forms
bulletOperational: Envelopes
bulletOperational: Guest Registrations
bulletOperational: Letterhead
bulletOperational: Notepads
bulletPromotional: Booklets
bulletPromotional: Brochures
bulletPromotional: Buttons
bulletPromotional: Calendars
bulletPromotional: Flyers
bulletPromotional: Maps
bulletPromotional: Pads
bulletPromotional: Rack Cards